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List Assistants

Returns a list of assistants.

Query Parameters
limit Limit
order Order1

Possible values: [asc, desc]

An enumeration.

after After
before Before

Successful Response

object Object
data object[]

MongoDB document ObjectID

id Id

The identifier, which can be referenced in API endpoints.

object Object20

Possible values: [assistant]

The object type, which is always assistant.

created_at Created At

The Unix timestamp (in seconds) for when the assistant was created.

name Name

Possible values: length ≤ 256

The name of the assistant. The maximum length is 256 characters.

description Description

Possible values: length ≤ 512

The description of the assistant. The maximum length is 512 characters.

model Model

ID of the model to use. You can use the List models API to see all of your available models, or see our Model overview for descriptions of them.

instructions Instructions

Possible values: length ≤ 32768

The system instructions that the assistant uses. The maximum length is 32768 characters.

tools undefined[]

A list of tool enabled on the assistant. There can be a maximum of 128 tools per assistant. Tools can be of types code_interpreter, retrieval, or function.

file_ids string[]

A list of file IDs attached to this assistant. There can be a maximum of 20 files attached to the assistant. Files are ordered by their creation date in ascending order.

metadata object

Set of 16 key-value pairs that can be attached to an object. This can be useful for storing additional information about the object in a structured format. Keys can be a maximum of 64 characters long and values can be a maxium of 512 characters long.

first_id First Id
last_id Last Id
has_more Has More

Validation Error

detail object[] OPTIONAL
loc undefined[]
msg Message
type Error Type